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Warm welcome to my site !

‘Smart World’- the Ultimate guide


         For a nation to be smart, its people have to be smarter enough. They should not only practice visionary principles, but also make their descendants to do.

        My proposal in this regard is to develop rigid strategies to attain well-established smartness not only in a locality; but in a country. It includes integration of both engineering and managerial ideas/skills. These strategies are applicable to any region/environment to visualize changes/developments. It covers wide areas of applications, thereby investigating up to root-causes in primary areas.

     The prime importance of these strategies is its integration & versatility. It makes machines/devices to feel pulse of man and; most importantly the ‘vice versa’. These strategies bring us to stay cloud-connected with technologies to lead life in a simple, better and smart way.

       The strategies mainly rely on integration of innovations with general visionary principles. These strategies are later engineered to get optimum results, thereby attaining goals at augured period.

Ten Axioms of Success

Know your goal

Know your team

Know your stakeholders

Spend time on planning and design

Promise low and deliver high

Iterate! Increment! Evolve!

Stay on track

Manage change

Test Early, Test Often

Keep an open mind!

Time Management- a key to success

Time- a limited resource

Convert Small steps to Big goals

Increase Productivity  

Perform things in a better way

Know your priority at work

Avoid Procrastination

Work Hard Qualitatively

Keep Youself on Track

Make a 'To do list'

8th TRDS- A Master-piece

5x Storage Capacity Batteries


  • 'Mein Kampf'-Adolf Hitler
  • 'My Life'-Bill Clinton
  • 'Frank Mclynn'-Napoleon
  • 'Saint or Celebrity' ?-Mother Teresa
  • Vivekananda-'A Biography'
  • 'Unsettled Matters'- The Life & Death of Bruce Lee
                                       ....and many more
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